Default [Help][Slimport]Why this combination dont work? Slimport + VGA-Adapter

I bought a Slimport adapter and tried to get it working together with my VGA-HDMI adapter to use my Nexus 4 on my computer screen.
I've plugged the Slimport adapter into my nexus 4 and connected the charger to the slimport adapter.
Then I plugged the HDMI to VGA adapter into the slimport adapter and the VGA-cable into the HDMI to VGA adapter.
Now I dont get a picture on my computer screen.
It doesnt matter which ROM i use, it dosnt work with stock 4.4 nor with omni and the Android L developer preview also dont work.
For now theres no chance for me to test the adapter with an TV that suports VGA because my household dont own one.
Please help me if you can

(Hope the picture discribes the problem a little better.)