Sign Some help needed :/ Anyone ?

So I recently brought up a old nexus 4, the only problem in it is that it has some digitizer issues because of which the below 55px are dead that is the nav keys are dead.
So there are many alternatives for it like Pie controls but the one I liked The most is Mipop(you can google it up)
So the problem is that it is a MiUi Rom feature, is there any way I can use it up on other roms
Any help?

Also as I am new can someone suggest me some light roms and a Good Kernel for better BATTERY LIFE.

Your help would be appreciated.
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Samsung Galaxy Y: (Retired) MiniRom TouchwizUX(Android 2.3.6),Hells Fusion #50@832 Mhz
HTC Explorer A310e: CyanogenMod 11(Android 4.4.2) ,Linux 3.0.101@ION@600Mhz