Info 2 How to 'Clear Data' of sideloaded Google Experience Launcher aka Google Search Launch

Hi. I'm just average user from Malaysia. I would like to share some method on how to reset the Google Experience Launcher or Google Search Launcher IF you sideload it into your Android phone other than Nexus 5.

Some of you may find the launcher bit messed up and want it to be factory reset. And, most probably, some of us would go to the App Info and try to 'Clear Data' the 'Launcher', but the clear data button doesn't appear to be work.

Here are the tips.

Google Experience Launcher is known as Google Search Launcher. This launcher has been integrated with Google Search since KitKat. The perfect answer for this is try to open Google Search app info and push 'Clear Data'. Then, your side loaded GEL is refresh to factory setting.

By doing this, Google Now also been reset and turn off. You might want to turn it back on in settings.

Thank you