Default Im stuck with CM 10.2, cant revert to stock 4.4.

Hi, like a month ago I Installed 10.2 CM but now I want to go back to stock 4.4 but everytime I try to do smoething, I encounter another problem.
I found a 4.4 stock ROM so I thought I will just install it, Wipe date and cache, and then just flash the rom, But It didnt work for some reason. I thought the problem was my outdated TWRP so I tried to install the latest TWRP but then I understood that I formated my computer so the fastboot drivers are not installed, so I tried to install them, but no matter what I do, It just doesn't work. I dont really know what to do so If someone can tell me stage by stage what should I do to revert back to stock, I'd be happy to hear because I Dont really know