Post Images downloaded - Bottom half discolored

I've been having a pretty random issue with images download from the web. (mostly browsing Reddit).
This happens regardless of if I use an app (baconreader) or chrome and started happening maybe about a month and a half ago.

Every now and then an image will show with about the bottom-half of it discolored. Only way to get the image to load properly is to clear cache and try to reload again. It appears to be downloading incorrectly or something.

I'm worried it may be something wrong with my internal storage but none of my pictures taken from the camera are affected by this at all. I've had no other problems with the phone recently either.

I know Reddit uses Imgur images almost exclusively, so it might be an imgur problem?

I've attached an image showing the problem (taken from Baconreader app, opening in Chrome resulted in almost the same problem except discoloring started at a different location)

Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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