Unhappy [Q] Low Touch Sensitivity. PRS Value 0.80 || Android 4.4.2 || Nexus 4

HI.. I bought Nexus 4 about a month ago. It has very low touch sensitivity. I checked PRS value. It only stuck at 0.80. I had a Stock ROM when i bought, then i tried another Custom ROM based on CM11. Still i have same issue. It's very irritating. It's very hard to type even a single sentence. I even tried many touch fix of application.

I found another weird problem. when i put my phone on Table or something It completely stop giving touch response but when i put back on my hand it gives touch response. When i remove my hand behind from back of phone it again stop touch (While holding my phone with two finger from side, Like while Taking picture) and when i put back my hand behind phone it again start working touch.

I tested it on Stock rom, CM11 and also another XperiaZ mod rom. so please don't say me that i have problem in ROM.