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hi all , i am looking for a reason to move to latest hardware of phone but i also think nexus 4 is pretty much ok-ish considering it can run anything without any hiccups and the interface is silky smooth , not trying to fuel the throw away culture but when will be the time to move to next phone ?
Buy a one plus one. It's 300$ for 16gb version and 350$ for 64gb version. It runs snapdragon 801 with 3gb ram. 5.5inch 1080p screen , Bluetooth 4.1, NFC and other features. It's runs cyanogen mod 11s. 13mp exymor camera , 5mp front camera. Both hardware and software navigation keys as per user settings.(user can change).

It will take a while before you can purchase it. only 100 units are for sale. They will soon start mass production.

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