Default [Q] Nexus 4 Radio bootloop fix for proximity sensor. Help!

I have a Nexus 4 running Carbon Rom 4.3. I faced a problem with the proximity sensor where the screen would turn off and never come back on. A repair shop fixed that problem by disconnecting the proximity and light sensors. Following the disabling of sensors, I could not get any Rom using radio above .48 to boot. The phone would always get stuck on the boot logo. After a lot of searching I came to find that 4.3 could be booted with .48 radio and went with it. However I want to update my phone to 4.4 kitkat and that isn't possible with the new radio until the proximity sensor is disconnected.

I want to know if it's possible to boot 4.4 (Custom or Official Rom) with my current hardware situation i.e with the light and proximity sensors disconnected? Is there a fix I can patch that can make it possible? I can't connect the sensors back or get a replacement device due to my location. Please help!