Default [Q] Stuck in boot loop - Save Photos?

my Nexus 4 is stuck in a boot loop since 2 days. I found it turned off and assumed it crashed (has done that once or twice before), but after turning it on it's gets stuck on the boot up screen. I've tried restarting it numerous times, left it on the boot screen for hours - nothing.
I can access the recovery mode and according to most things I've found while searching the internet for a solution a "wipe data/factory reset" would hopefully do the trick, but the thing is... I haven't backed up my device in ages. (Stupid, I know.) I'm travelling and took a lot of pictures that I would hate to loose.
Is there any way to save them? I don't care for app data or anything else.
I wouldn't mind rooting it (was thinking about doing that anyway), but I'm pretty much a n00b when it comes to Android, haven't done more with it than simply using it.
I have read up quite a bit about rooting in the last two days (here on the forum and everywhere else) but I'm still not sure how exactly to do it, since all methods seem to require unlocking the bootloader and therefore deleting my photos (or just don't give much in the way of explanation).

I'm using a mac, but if necessary I also have Windows installed. I have installed Adb and fastboot following this guide.

The phone is not rooted, I don't have developer options or USB debugging enabled and it's running on 4.4.4.

I would be really grateful for help.