Default [Q] Suddenly internet access from Home Wifi

Hello there.

This is my first post here, as I usually Google and usually find the solution here, but this time no.

Yesteday, my N4 stopped accessing the Web via Wifi.
It do connects to the Modem, gets its IP adress and etc. But I see no data being exchanged (using Internet Speed Meter I see 0kb/s, or a few bytes).
I see the N4 and its IP also from the router configuration page, and from the phone itself under wifi settings.
It was working fine 48Hours ago, and I didn't make anything weird in the past hours. It was running PacMan Rom (the latest one). I tried a factory reset and wiping a fresh 4.4, but nothing yet.

I tried multiple Fresh-Flashing but none helped.

I tried connecting to a free Wifi Hotspot and it worked like a charm, but when it comes to the my Wifi spot, nopenope. 3G works fine.

Any help? If you need more details just ask.

EDIT - Just forget what I wrote. Seems like my ISP router went nuts. I forgot to try a router hard reset before posting. I just tried and it's working again.
At least my Nexus is still going nice