Phone [Q] Going to replace outer screen/digitizer! Help appreciated!

Hey guys, not long ago I dropped my N4 and cracked the screen, which is ok, but the touch for half the screen doesn't work , it's driving me nuts. So I ordered a new digitizer/screen for $30 (shipped from within canada (vancouver), so this is good for me since I live in canada ), the loco adhesive for $10 (also from canada, toronto), and the loco adhesive remover for $10 (but its from china x_x, a dreaded 2-4week wait). A watched a few videos on how to replace the screen, but none of them had commentary or much info in the description :/ lol. Any advice on what else I'll be needing? And once I do get my stuff what are some things I need to look out for? I've replaced blackberry and ipod screens, but this will be my first time doing something like this since the n4 screen replacement seems a bit more complicated. And I can borrow screwdrivers and heatgun from my dad, though if there was an alternative to using a heat gun to get the screen off that would be great.