Default Insane case idea, advice?

Hey guys, I had an i dea on a case, first off im unsure if itll work, but want some feedback of what you think. First, i wanna basically make if a mini laptop type of thing..but still maintain the tablet as it is. The case will charge, have a keyboard, usb ports, and internal storage. I am going to attempt to make the usb box with the storage removable, on the bottom of the case. It would be nice if the keyboard were removable too but thats un important at the moment. For charging im going to utilize the qi(?) wireless charging, build this into the case. In order to power this i will remove the port off of the system and place a deans connector at the base of the case(all connections will use deans connectors cause they are easy and modular) the location will depend on the case, but they will either be at the back along the very bottom edge or on the bottom. The otg adapter will be built into the case so when you slide the nexus in to the case it connects to it. This will also run down to 2 deans connectors. These are how the usb hub will become removable. The usb module will house the port for the power adapter, an un-powered usb hub, an internal memory of some sort, and if the charger is plugged in there will be a switch to change the un-powered usb hub unto a powered one. (will not be using stock qi power adapter, will use something slightly more powerful in order to split the power between the qi and the usb hub. I will be building a circuit for that) All the connections will connect to a corresponding deans plug. Thus making it easily removable and turning it back into a regular case again. Add the wireless keyboard that fits the case, and a wireless mouse and possibly the tablet running full ubuntu(have a few ideas to fix some issues with it for instance the kubuntu desktop over the normal ubuntu desktop to assist in some lag). All of it will be encased in black leather( hopefully i can find the same texture as the manufactures case, if not i may completely strip the case and use only the hard parts(for instance the frame holding the nexus) and create my own case( may actually be my best route).

Also streaming out to tv will be covered via miracast.

So what do you think? Possible? Will it work? Worth while?
What case and keyboard would you suggest? Preferably something cheaper..

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