Default RAVPower FileHub (RP-WD02)

The RAVPower FileHub (RP-WD02) seems to pitch 3 major features: WiFI Router, Media Sharing and Power Bank. I tested these main features, and as you can see below the device seems to do what it advertises.

- Media Sharing

I loaded a few different MP4 movies on my FileHub (microSD card) and started to stream from other devices, adding one at a time but keeping the prior device still running. I also chose a different video for each device. As a side note, I was able to copy a file directly from a USB thumb drive to the microSD card and the transfer was handled by the FileHub itself.


NOTE: FileHub was connected (via wireless) to my home router for internet access.

1) Xbox 360 connected directly to my Linksys router and access the FileHub (via DLNA).
2) Laptop connected to the FileHub via wireless..
3) Nexus 7 connected to the FileHub via wireless.
4) Moto X connected to the FileHub via wireless.

The only time devices 2,3 and 4 had any sort of hiccup was when another devices was first starting to load a movie but it would smooth out quickly. Once the movies were all playing, the 3 devices (#2, #3 and #4 all connected directly to the FileHub via wireless) had no problem streaming 3 different videos at the same time. Device #1 had the most issues but it wasn’t directly connected to the FileHub via wireless -- it was going through another device (older Linksys router) which is likely part of the reason it had issues. Once I stopped devices 2-4, the Xbox (device #1) played the movie with no problem again.

I consider the above a “stress” test, normal use (one or two devices) shouldn’t be a problem at all especially if you connect via wireless directly to the FileHub. I didn't test MP3s or anything else -- if it can handle multiple movie streams, I am sure music / other files aren't an issue.

- WiFi Router / AP / Bridge

I connected the FileHub device directly (via ethernet cable) to my home wifi (Linksys router). Next, I used the Ookla application on my Nexus 7 tablet and did 3 tests on my home wifi, and 3 test on the filehub. The download speeds, upload speeds and ping time were all within the same variance so the FileHub had no noticeable impact.

In addition to connecting to an Ethernet network, the FileHub can connect to a wireless network that way any devices connected to the FileHub via wireless can still have a connection to the Internet. If you travel this could be a useful way to setup your own wireless network in a hotel.

One thing I did notice, there isn’t really an option to set this up as a true wireless access point where it simply acts as a media converter so that you can connect your wireless device to a wired network. This device always acts as a router/AP combo, so your wireless clients are on an internal (10.10.10.X by default) network. If this device truly could act just as an access point, your wireless client would pick up an IP address from whatever network was on the other side (for my Linksys it would be a 192.168.1.X address). While this may not matter for the average user, I figure I would point it out. I contacted RAVPower support to see if maybe I am missing something.

- PowerBank

Not much to test here, it acts as a 6000 mAh powerbank. Once interesting feature that I didn’t find in the manual, if the device was off and I gave the power button a short press the battery light would turn on and the device would act as a PowerBank without the other capabilities. This could be useful if you want to charge your phone without the device itself being on (which I would assume reduces the power consumption).

Overall I am impressed so far, but am still playing with the device. If you have any questions, or can think of any tests I should consider, please let me know.