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[ROM+KERNEL][CM/AOKP][4.4.4]Exodus - 2014-10-26 - BUILD-XII - The Last Stand

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ROM Features
  • Android KitKat 4.4.4 (KTU84Q)
  • Based on CyanogenMod & AOKP, with pure AOSP elements
  • Removed Superuser & rooted with SuperSU
  • CM Theme Engine + optimizations
  • Titanium Backup(free) built-in
  • Open-source Performance Control integrated
  • Fast Charge support!
  • Original Google Nexus bootanimation
  • App Circle Sidebar
  • Notification Shortcuts
  • Notification Reminders
  • Tinted System Bars
  • Customizable Status Bar + Battery Icons
  • Omni's Battery Saver Mode
  • Customizable Battery Bar
  • AOKP's ROM Control for customization
  • CM's Profiles
  • Floating Window Mode
  • HALO
  • PIE Controls
  • PEEK
  • Custom Lockscreen colors
  • Gesture Anywhere
  • CM's Protected Apps
  • Removed CMAccount,CM & AOKP Anonymous stats
  • SwagPapers & CMWallpapers inside
  • Un-needed features stripped out
  • ADB Authentication disabled by default (Just for debugging purposes, but I'll re-enable it in the next couple of builds)
  • Slightly modified kernel, codenamed "Exodia", with Intelliactive & Intellidemand governors, Simple I/O scheduler, with some optimizations
  • Other stuffz I can't remember right now.

ROM Control is property of Android Open Kang Project, or AOKP, and I take no credit for it's creation.

Download ROM + Kernel: Exodus - 2014-10-26 - BUILD - XII - FLO - site, don't be alarmed!)
Mirror - AndroidFileHost
and don't forget to flash GApps afterwards!!!

Creditz, Propz, & Greetz
  • Mrs. Apocalypse
  • Google
  • AOKP (Android Open Kang Project)
  • CyanogenMod
  • ParanoidAndroid
  • SlimRoms
  • ChameleonOS
  • OmniRoms
  • Beanstalk
  • LiquidSmooth
  • AICP
  • Team Whiskey
  • faux123
  • owain94
  • Moscow Desire
  • Chainfire
  • 0xD34D
  • ....and most importantly you, the users!

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM+KERNEL][CM/AOKP][4.4.4]Exodus - 2014-10-26 - BUILD - XII, ROM for the Nexus 7 (2013)

Mr. Apocalypse
ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: CyanogenMod, AOKP, AOSP

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 12
Stable Release Date: 2014-10-26

Created 2014-08-05
Last Updated 2014-10-26
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5th August 2014, 02:56 PM |#2  
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(CM) = CyanogenMod
(AOKP) = Android Open Kang Project
(Omni) = OmniRom
(Slim) = SlimRom
(BS) = Beanstalk
(PA) = ParanoidAndroid
(AICP) = Android Ice Cold Project
(DU) = Dirty Unicorns
(Name) = Nameless

10/26/14 - Build XII
  • (Omni): Add option to allow tinted color change window shade panel
  • (Omni/AICP): Tinted Bars fixes
  • (Omni): Improve tinted color logic code
  • (Slim): Clean up heads up text color code
  • (CM): Update SET_ACTIVITY_WATCHER protection to signature|system
  • (CM): PackageManager: Add optional prelaunch check step
  • (CM): Provide non-interactive APIs to BackupManagerService
  • (CM): Support full size application screenshots
  • (CM): extmediaplayer: miscellaneous fix
  • (CM): Fix memory leak in nativeDecodeFileDescriptor
  • (CM): AudioService: Fix monitorRotation for landscape applications
  • (AICP): Disable ticker preference
  • (CM): Add preference for enabling root access [Apps and/or ADB]
  • (AOKP/AICP): Density Changer
  • (CM): Open app when clicking on icon in App Info screen
  • (CM): settings: Avoid NPE in NfcTrigger when device doesn't support NFC
  • (CM): Development: Root for apps is unavailable if the su daemon isn't running
  • (CM): Profiles: fix expanded desktop settings not applying
  • (CM): Settings: Fix profiles volume override summary.
  • Added Exodus logo in About Device
  • Themes: Force recompiling common resources when scanning theme
  • Update device repos to match CM's
  • Update audio & display drivers to match CM's
10/13/14 - Build XI ---------------------
  • Updated SuperSu to v2.13
  • Fixed Statusbar time & date options
  • Fixed crash when theme didn't have a thumbnail preview
  • Fixed crash when user tries to access Battery options in Settings
  • Fixed Trebuchet crash on Chinese languages
10/12/14 - Build X ---------------------
  • Added "eXodus" ASCII-Art to updater-script
  • Disabled SystemUpdateService to reduce battery drain
  • (Omni/AICP): Tinted System Bars (Dynamic System Bars)
  • (Omni/AICP): Allow to determine dominant color for notifications icon [Tinted Mod]
  • (AICP): Update main navbar icons with proper material design - by Oliver Bien
  • (Omni/AICP): Tinted: Navbar color change fix
  • (Omni): Support showing carrier/provider logo on statusbar
  • (CM): frameworks/base: Fix delay in sending AUDIO_BECOMING_NOISY intent
  • (Slim):fb: add Battery Styles the new way 1/2
  • (Slim/AICP):FWB: Fix Hide Battery icon from RC
  • (Slim):fb: show percentage on icon in bold
  • (Slim):Fix battery icon with percentage showing "!" and percentage only color when under 14%
  • (Slim):fb: add bottom margin to stock default battery icon
  • (Slim):Frameworks: Fix memory leak + cleanup
  • (DU): Custom Status Bar Color
  • (AICP): Fix clock disappearing with custom statusbar icon tinting
  • (AICP): Port of Team Baked's 4.3 base color tile mod
  • (Slim): Smart (notification) pulldown
  • (Slim): Frameworks: Notification Reminders
  • (Slim): Frameworks: Notification Reminder Interval && Fixes
  • (Slim): SystemUI: Notification Reminder New Layout && Fixes
  • (Slim): SystemUI: Notification Reminder - Update Reminder
  • (Slim): fb: Add Wifi name to notification drawer when Wifi is connected
  • (Slim): FWB: Port all carrier label options
  • (DU): Changed contextual notification panel headers
  • (DU/AICP): Add evening time to header
  • (Slim): Frameworks: apple can do...we can do as well
  • (CM): Proximity : Check proximity flags only if from native
  • (DU): Add ability to play audio to Boot Animation
  • (Slim/AICP): Notification Shortcuts
  • (DU): Over Scroll Effects
  • (CM/AOKP): advanced reboot: add soft reboot option
  • (AICP): Add reboot menu action for AwesomeAction
  • (AICP): Add PowerMenu AwesomeAction
  • (AICP): Add PowerMenu toggle
  • (AICP): Update Roboto fonts to Android L versions
  • (PA): Add support for PEEK app
  • (Name): On The Go Mode
  • (Name): On the Go- Allow toggle between front & back camera
  • (Name): On the GO - Several fixes
  • (Name): On the Go - Overlay status & navigation bar
  • (Name): On the Go - Change the way of changing camera mode
  • (CM): Settings - refactor Profiles to be more user friendly
  • (CM): Settings: Check if NFC is supported prior to adding to pager
  • (CM): Settings: cleanup new profiles UI
  • (AOKP): Fix spelling error in ROMControl/lockscreen strings (beeing -> being)
  • Removed Battery Icon styles from ROMControl - Settings handles it now
  • Relocated Battery Saver Mode to System
  • Cleaned up User Interface section in Settings
  • Move App Circle Sidebar config to it's own class/section
  • Give HALO option an alpha slider
  • Themes: Let ThemeService handle all theme processing
  • Fix SystemUI crash on QuickTiles
  • Fix Power Menu when Profiles are disabled
  • Updated a heap of translations
  • Under the hood speed tweaks
  • Exodia: updated to r5 - Kexec patched for MultiROM
10/1/14 - Stable 9 ---------------------
  • Removed SlimLauncher
  • Re-organized custom settings in Settings app
  • Added new System section in Settings
  • Tweaked User Interface and Notification icons
  • (Slim): Heads Up on bottom
  • (Slim): SlimSizer - System App Remover in Settings
  • (ChaOS/AICP): PacBusyDialog for boot message & power dialogs
  • (AICP/PA): Launch Heads Up in Floating Window
  • (Slim): Heads Up Background, Text Color & Transparency
  • (AICP): Use Android L navbar icons by default
  • (CM): App Widget:Make widget update quickly
  • (AICP): Vibration Options
  • (Omni): Disable Force Close Dialog option
  • (CM): SystemUI: Unbreak the planet
  • (Slim): Frameworks:clean up the AOSP tablet icon mess
  • (CM):WallpaperCropper:respect max wallpaper width
  • (Omni):Statusbar clock on lockscreen
  • (AICP): Force Expanded Notifications
  • (AICP/BS): Heads Up: Option to disable in lockscreen
  • (CM): Move idmap to frameworks/base
  • (Slim): Heads Up: Always show in expanded mode
  • (Slim): Heads Up timeout
  • Themes: Only process themes that are applied during boot
  • Updated translations
  • Exodia: Update to r4 - Updated to match CM's
  • Exodia: Tweaked Intelliactive & Intellidemand governors
  • Fixed Trebucket crash when some themes are applied
  • Fixed Contacts crash if header is themed on some themes
9/21/14 - Stable 8 ------------------------
  • (Slim): Added Slim Launcher
  • (Slim): Added Chamber Of Secrets
  • (PA): PIE - Torch target (for hammerhead)
  • (PA): PIE - Screenshot target
  • (???): Added Enable/Disable Camera Shutter sound
  • (AICP): Added Music Toggle
  • Fixed SystemUI crash if Torch is missing when triggered
  • Fixed InCallUI crash if user opens call w/ Floating Mode
  • Fixed Settings crash if SuperSU is removed and re-installed
  • Fixed Trebuchet crash when widgets are resized sometimes
  • Fixed Trebuchet crash if theme changes it's icon
  • Updated a lot of translations
  • Removed un-needed libs leftover from CM
  • Clean-up alot of un-used code
  • ......ummm.......thats it for now.
9/14/14 - Stable 7 -----------------------
  • Added back Reboot Toggle (can be added from ROM Control)
  • Fixed issue that caused Trebuchet to crash w/ some Themes
  • New User Interface icon for Settings
  • (PA):Floating Windows Mode w/ Multi-Tasking
  • (PA):HALO w/ Color, Size, misc, settings
  • (PA/BS):App Circle Sidebar - Floating window support
  • (DU):Wakelock Blocker
  • (PA): Store Dialpad State
  • (PA): Launch Recents as Floating Window
  • (PA): Launch floating window from Notification panel
  • (PA): HOVER
  • (PA/BS): HOVER Settings - Notification timeout, Exclude low priority,etc.
  • (PA): HOVER Theme Engine compatibilities and some resources tweaks
  • (PA): HOVER: Keep app when opening floating window from recents panel
  • (PA): Improve one finger expanding forced handling
  • (PA): HOVER: Match notification width on tablets too
  • (PA): HOVER: Ensure to clear after reparenting all notifications
  • (PA): HOVER: Fix notification content not being updated
  • (PA): HOVER: Don't process and/or show foreground app notifications
  • (PA): HOVER: Respect screen limits when adding view
  • (PA): HOVER: Don't treat touch outside event as true if is animating
  • (PA): Blacklist Interface for Hover,Peek,FloatingMode
  • (PA/AICP): PIE Control
  • (PA/AICP): PIE Colors
  • (PA/AICP): PIE Targets
  • (PA/AICP): PIE Toggle (can be added from ROM Control)
  • (CM): [Trebuchet] workspace into a transition prepare state before animating into all apps
  • (CM): [Trebuchet] Fix crash that causes breaks when adding widget shortcuts to the Workspace
  • (CM): [Trebuchet] Fixes bug with extra empty screen staying on Workspace when a shortcut is dragged to the AppInfo target
  • (CM): [Trebuchet] Re-add Fade side pages and Page outline options.
  • Themes: Update provider with components that were applied
  • Themes: Load correct common resources
  • ActivityManagerService: Penalise large apps going to background
  • [ActivityManager] Fix race condition in pss collection
  • [ActivityManager] Finish the failed-to-pause activity
  • [ActivityManager] Fix ServiceRecord leakage
  • [ActivityManager]Ensure provider external access count will be released.
  • [ActivityManager]Fix NullPointerException when dumping ContentProviderRecord.
  • [ActivityManager] Prevent provider creating twice.
  • [ActivityManager] Fix index out of bounds when updating next pss time
9/07/14 - Stable 6 ------------------------ (PA): CPU Info overlay (CM): Brought back CM's Expanded Desktop option (Omni):eek:ption to hide power menu while locked (Omni): Hide Power menu while locked (CM): Statusbar clock and Date actions (CM): Expandible volume panels (CM): Allow Expanded volume panels to be set via Profiles Update Qualcomm media driver to match CM's Update Qualcomm audio driver (MSM audio HAL) to match CM's Update Qualcomm display driver to match CM's Put User Interface stuff in it's own preference Put Notification stuff in it's own preference Take Display Settings back to stock(ish) Trebuchet:Settings adapter should use the position and partition values Trebuchet:Fix AppInfo drop target getting cut off when search bar is off Trebuchet:Fix for workspace showing outline after live settings changes Trebuchet:Fix spacing issues on devices with/without nav-bar in overview settings panel Trebuchet:When reloading dynamic grid, reload restore page first Trebuchet:Fix: Sort apps before opening AppDrawer to reflect the most recent counts Trebuchet:Fix HideIcon behavior in Folders Trebuchet:Fix - Workspace background gradient Exodia: Update to r3 Exodia: Mass update to match CM's qcom commits Themes: Only kill launchers if overlays or icons changed 8/28/14 - Stable 5 -----------------------
  • Now allows up to 8 lockscreen targets like tablets (for hammerhead)
  • Fixed wrong bg bug in Contacts/People with some themes applied
  • Fixed black screen bug on some themes' bootanimation
  • Fixed bug that caused SystemUI to crash when nav bar is themed on some themes
  • (Omni/BS): App Circe Sidebar w/ configurable trigger
  • (CM): Proximity Wake
  • (CM): PowerManager : Make proximity check opt-in
  • (CM): Filter Spam Notifications
  • (Omni): ADB Paranoia Mode
  • (CM): Maximize widgets on lockscreen
  • (Slim): Lock before unlock
  • (BS/Slim): Customizable Battery Bar!!!
  • (BS/AICP):Peek wake timeout && configurable timeout
  • (BS/Omni): Battery Saver Mode
  • (Omni): Add time-context headers to the notification header
  • Themes: Add continuous splash support
  • Themes: Avoid NPE when setting text in TickerView
  • Themes: Allow clearing the wallpaper and ls wallpaper
  • Themes: setUserRequired(false) when updating audibles
  • Themes: Fix setting wallpaper from a legacy theme
  • Themes: Track NotFoundException on app launch failure
  • Themes: Remove listener if exception is thrown
  • Themes: Fix native crash in libandroidfw
  • Under the hood speed fixes!!!
8/17/14 - Stable 4 -----------------------
  • Fixed crash on Polish language
  • (ChameleonOS): Gesture Anywhere!!!
  • (Slim): Custom Carrier Label(Lockscreen & StatusBar)
  • (Slim/CM): User Configurable Rotation (0,90,180,270 degrees)
  • (Slim/AOSPAL); Custom Lockscreen Colors[Lock image, targets, text, dots!!]
  • (AOSPAL/Slim/CM): Autobrightness configuration UI
  • (AOKP): Gesture Lockscreen
  • (PA): PEEK!!
  • (PA): Integrate SuperSU into Settings (as long as it's still installed)
  • (Slim): Advanced low battery indicator options
  • (Slim): Customizable notification background (custom image or color)
  • (CM): Power connect/disconnect notification support
  • (CM): Themes:Build icon cache when applying icons
  • (CM): Add incoming call style configuration
  • Themes: Build icon cache when applying icons
  • Themes: Add column for tracking when a theme was installed
  • Themes: Add navbar background preview to ThemesContract
  • Themes: Make sure ThemeConfig is non-null when loading resources
  • Themes: Themes: Pass resource IDs instead of bitmaps
  • Trebuchet: Don't show protected apps options in restricted profiles.
  • Trebuchet: Draw the dynamic grid image dynamically
8/7/14 - Stable 3 -----------------------
  • (CM/Slim):CM/SlimRom's Privacy Guard
  • (CM):CM's Protected Apps
  • (CM):Custom Lockscreen Target support
  • (CM):Don't show protected apps options in restricted profiles
  • (AOKP):Make notification list bg themeable
  • (AOKP):DocumentsUI: Allow installing APKs from internal storage
  • (AOKP):DocumentUtils: Properly check the type of Document
  • (AOKP):DocumentsUI: Differentiate USBs from SDcards
  • (AOKP):DocumentsUI: Allow installation of apps from external storage
  • Under the hood updates and fixes...too many to list!
7/27/14 - Stable-2
  • Updated build to KTU84Q
  • Fixed Wallpaper set crash
  • Re-stabilized and merged CM's Profiles
  • (AOKP):Create surface based upon panel orientation[bootanimation]
  • (AOKP):DialogFragement: Add null pointer check for mDialog for protection
  • (AOKP):Bluetooth: Avoid fd leak for Bluetooth server socket connections
  • (AOKP):Fix HeadsUp toggle doesn't change
  • (CM):Tunning max allowed background services
  • (CM):wlan: Fix to handle the failure status on supplicant start
  • (CM/AOKP):Themes: Add helper methods for creating complete component maps
  • (AOKP)Themes: Find wp asset when APK has dir entries
  • (CM/AOKP):Themes: Add STYLE_THUMBNAIL to PreviewColumns
  • (CM):wifi: Disable the network based on the Deauth reason code.
  • (CM):Frameworks: Fix ap list issue while wifi turns on
  • (CM):Show submenu from menu list on hardware MENU key press
  • (AOKP):Audio: SetForceUse config check in AudioService
  • Exodia:update to r2
7/18/14 - Stable-1 -------------------
  • Added Performance Control
  • Integrated Performance Control into Settings
  • Added back CMHome
  • Added NavBar Arrow keys
  • Removed more useless CM features
  • (CM):Themes: Support applying components from multiple themes [1/3]
  • (CM):msim: Add missing changes from New Theme Engine [1/6]
  • (AOKP):Toggles: recreate toggles on theme change
  • Exodia:Added SIO (Simple I/O) I/O Scheduler
  • Exodia:Fast charge support
7/8/14 - BETA -----------------
  • Initial release....
Kernel Source:
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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)
Q: What is Exodus?
A: Exodus is my personal combination of the best of both worlds. CyanogenMod features and AOKP features, merged together with AOSP elements.

Q: Do I need to flash GApps?
A: If you did a factory reset during flashing, then yes. If you did a dirty flash then most likely no.

Q: Which GApps do you recommend?
A: To each his own. I use the regular GApps that CM hosts on my Nexus 7 2013 and PA GApps on my Nexus 5. Both works really well.

Q: What is Exodia?
A: Exodia is my personal kernel that comes with Exodus. It is a minimal MOD kernel that is based on CM's stock kernel. The main MODs in Exodia include Intelliactive & Intellidemand governors, Simple I/O scheduler, Fast Charge support, and a few optimizations.

Q: Can I use another kernel?
A: Yes you can, as long as that kernel is compatible with CM based ROMs.

Q: How often is a build released?
A; The plan is to release one every 7-10 days, depending on feature merges. There may be a few times a build may be late, due to compatibility issues, and lack of time (job related).

Q: Is this CAF or AOSP based?
A: This ROM and kernel is based from CM11. If CM11 is CAF based now, then Exodus and Exodia kernel is CAF based.

MobileTechVideos's Review

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7th August 2014, 04:47 PM |#4  
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We are open for business.......
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8th August 2014, 02:41 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by Moscow Desire

We are open for business.......

Yes we are, Build 3 is up!
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8th August 2014, 07:18 AM |#6  
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I have been following this thread for a bit, I think the release of build 3 is my boarding call. Thanks @Mr. Apocalypse.
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11th August 2014, 01:20 AM |#7  
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ROM works great so far. Thanks!
Slim Recents would be nice to have...

Tapagetalkt via Exodus ROM vom Nexus 7 (flo)
17th August 2014, 11:28 PM |#8  
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Build 4 is up.
This one is a new monster. I've added parts from SlimRoms, ParanoidAndroid, and ChameleonOS to bring more features without affecting performance. See the changelog for more details. Enjoy folks!
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21st August 2014, 03:44 AM |#9  
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Nice build. Like the ROM. 1 issue I've been having is my tablet won't enter deep sleep. Wondering if anyone else is having this issue?
21st August 2014, 09:53 PM |#10  
Senior Member
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great rom, i have been using it for few days now and didn't have any problems at all. Well, except the deep sleep. It says it is not used.
29th August 2014, 03:22 AM |#11  
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Build 5 is up for those who care..enjoy.
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