Exclamation [Q] Brinked nexus 7 APX mode (only)

Hi guys yesterday my nexus freeze in gmail.. so i turn it down by pressing and hold te power button
then the tablet freeze in the Google LOGO

after taht i try to ge into Recovery mode,, it freeze aswell then i just reboot it on bootloader adn i leave it thre for about 1 hour charging

the i try to go to boot loader to fhasl stok rom..

but..!! it wont work.. never turns on..

and it shows in my pc as APX mode

no more than that y tri to start it in bootloader but i just cant with every method i find in internet even i try to charge it by pogo pins and nothing happends

i try to do soetring with nvflash but it said

Unknow devices found and do nothing

pls help me ,!!