[Discontinued][ROM][MIUI 4][2.5.18] Catalyst MIUI with Language Packs and OTA Update

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By kong, Senior Member on 6th February 2012, 05:33 AM
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NOTICE: This ROM is discontinued because I have upgraded to Galaxy Nexus and I don't have a Nexus S with me anymore... Thanks for all your supports and suggestions that helped make this ROM better

This is my personal version of MIUI 4 for Nexus S with some tweaks and fixes.

Please see 2nd post.

Available languages
» English and Chinese comes with the ROM
» French, Italian, Korean, Deutsch, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, and Portuguese are available via language pack

FAQ & changelogs
Please see 3rd post.

Mods & tweaks
» Based on official MIUI weekly builds
» Custom OTA update (ROMs / kernels / add-ons / language packs) powered by Update Me (new)
» Latest version of Trinity T132 kernel as default kernel
» Touch-to-focus Camera
» Facebook sync
» Screen on/off flicker fixed
» 3-way reboot options
» 30-step music volume control
» Volume rocker long-pressing to skip music track (new)
» Auto-dim backlight brightness
» BIGMEM kernels support
» Patched services.jar to support V6 SuperCharger
» Patched framework-res.apk to support Deep idle (turned off Bluetooth quick switch)
» Additional Vexillum icons for some commonly used applications


Catalyst MIUI 2.5.18
MD5: 358c44c7d7bcf2b08bd1dffbe494d86a

Language packs: [DE] [FR] [HU] [IT] [KO] [PL] [PT] [RU]

NOTE: The language pack should only be applied on the same version of MIUI. See FAQ for more details.

Add-ons & patches

Add-ons and patches can be downloaded via Update Me.

Installation guide
0. Unplug the phone from PC (not necessary but recommended, it will make the phone settle down faster on first boot)
1. Reboot into recovery
2. Wipe data/factory reset
3. Flash ROM
4. Reboot
5. After the phone boots, let it works itself out for a few minutes
6. Reboot again (or into recovery if you plan to flash a custom kernel)
7. (optional) Flash language pack
8. (optional) Flash custom kernel

Official MIUI, MIUI Android, Android @ Modaco, brainmaster, Peter Alfonso, Ezekeel, PhysX, SuB-Zer0, fergie716, shockem, Oodie, proxuser, evilisto, zeppelinrox, _thalamus, bedalus, morfic, simms22, acquariusoft, and Rimmer1966.

Special thanks
» iiro for hosting space on
» Korumera for hosting space on

Translation sources
English (2.4.27): MIUIAndroid
Korean (2.4.6): 2.2.24 base Korean Translation by Raspberry, updated to 2.4.6 by YOMOZOMO and yongja
Italian (2.4.27): MIUI ROMs + Italian Packs
French (2.4.27): MIUI France
Dutch (2.2.24): MIUI Nederland (thanks jojoost)
Russian (2.4.27): MIUI.Soviet Union powered by (thanks OrlDim)
Deutsch (2.4.27): MIUI Germany
Turkish (2.3.2): MIUI Turkey by psikolaz
Hungarian (2.4.27): by slukk (thanks BeDon HUN)
Polish (2.4.27): MIUI Polska (thanks cinek1987cinek)
Portuguese (2.4.27): MIUI Portugal (thanks Wisemath)
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6th February 2012, 05:34 AM |#2  
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6th February 2012, 05:35 AM |#3  
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I always get a reboot when mounting USB storage?
There's a bug in MIUI 4 with app2SD. If there is an application installed on SD card and you try to mount the USB storage, MIUI will crash. An example of such application is XDA app. Currently a workaround is to move the application to phone's internal storage by going to Settings > Apps > USB Storage, select the application and click "Move to phone" button. (Note that you may get a hot reboot) After that, do a normal reboot before trying to mount USB storage. This problem was fixed in MIUI 2.2.17.

Can you translate this ROM to <language>?
No I cannot translate it. But if you can provide a link to a translated MIUI 4 ROM (latest version is preferred), I can grab the translation from there and include it in this ROM.

I get an orange text bubble near notification bar saying "New notification received bla bla bla" and I cannot use my keyboard anymore?
It is MIUI way to introduce some features of their ROM on first installation. Just swipe down the notification area and clear any notifications there. After that your keyboard should work properly.

Why shouldn't I install a language pack from different version of MIUI?
A language pack is basically all system applications and frameworks with translation added to them. If you install a language pack from a different (e.g. older) version, it means you're running older applications and frameworks against newer libraries, modules, etc. It may work if you're lucky, but the worst that could happen is your phone won't be able to boot properly and you will have to re-flash the ROM.

What is Auto-dim backlight? (quoted from Peter Alfonso's FAQ)
Unfortunately, automatic brightness in stock ROMs is only half functional. To further explain, automatic brightness will ONLY get brighter, not dimmer, depending on your surroundings. For example, if you were to be reading a Droid-Life article on your device outside in bright sunlight, your screen would be very bright. If you continued to read (leaving your screen on the entire time) while you walked into your house which is very dark because you left the lights off, the screen would remain being very bright. With the "Auto-dim backlight" setting enabled, your screen would be able to dim back to the appropriate level when you walked into your dark house.

- updated to MIUI 2.5.4
- updated kernel to Trinity T132 build 201212302
- updated Update Me to 1.1.5
- removed CM9 libs
- Wi-fi module path is back to /system/modules (you can flash any kernel)
- removed Kernels section in Update Me coz I don't have time to update it
- corrected Update Me config so it will open Package Installer when apps are downloaded
- attempted to optimize default lockscreen (feedback needed)
- disabled verify-bytecode to save some RAM and increase performance

- updated language packs to 2.4.27
- now there is a separate pack for each language
- removed some old language packs (the ones older than 6 weeks)

- updated to MIUI 2.4.27
- updated Update Me to 1.1.3
- removed update_me.xml and use build.prop config instead
- fixed problem with CM9 Wi-fi module path (now you can flash any kernel, it should always work)
- improved restarting / optimizing applications screen progressbar animation
- added Chainfire3D drivers (dunno if it really helps with performance, feedback would be nice)
- updated screenshots

- updated to MIUI 2.4.20
- added OTA support for ROM and add-ons via Update Me (thanks brainmaster for introducing it in his CM9 ROM, really promising app)
- latest Trinity T132 as default kernel (thanks Oodie for his sacrifice, and morfic for not letting him die, lol)
- pre-installed NSTools
- removed Updater and Movie Studio
- added essential Google apps (Play Store, Gmail, YouTube)
- other removed Google apps (and more) can be downloaded via Update Me
- modified restarting / optimizing applications screen (sorry MIUI, but the default on seems really out of place to me)
- Google as default search engine in Browser (thanks allenxx)
- mixed in some CM9 v.7 libraries
- because of the above, now Wi-fi module path is at /system/lib/modules
- replaced stock Google keyboard with CM9's keyboard (thanks Poriotis, now you have the Greek keyboard)
- added more delay to auto-dim brightness (thanks KNz0r and dimeim)

- fixed SD card write speed (thanks bedalus)
- now USB transfer speed is the same as stock ICS
- added apns-conf.xml from CM9
- updated language pack to 2.4.6

- updated to MIUI 2.4.6
- the codename is now "Catalyst"
- new default kernel: _thalamus 3.0.27_r1
- disabled data download prompt by default (thanks Oodie and fergie716 for the posts)
- added touch-to-focus Camera since we still got no MIUI Camera love
- updated Gmail to version 4.0.5

- updated language pack to 2.3.30

- updated to MIUI 2.3.30
- updated base ROM to official 4.0.4 OTA (thanks @evilisto)
- new stock 4.0.4 kernel
- fixed TTS not working (thanks @lackonne)
- added support for kernels with BIGMEM (thanks @KalimochoAz)
- (experimental) re-odexed to maximize performance

- updated language pack to 2.3.23

- updated to MIUI 2.3.23
- nothing more...
- okay, I also updated Play Store and YouTube
- translated lockscreen
- added Angry Birds Space icon (if that counts)
- updated screenshots in 2nd post

- updated language pack to 2.3.16
- added 2 new translations: Polish and Portuguese
- added MIUI version number in translation sources

- updated to MIUI 2.3.16
- new MIUI 4 Gallery -- no Picasa albums sync
- be as stock as possible -- only QuickSearchBox and LatinIME replaced with Google's ones
- patched services.jar to support V6 SuperCharger
- added auto-dim backlight feature
- removed TeslaLED because the official MIUI Flashlight is now working

- updated language pack to 2.3.9

- updated to MIUI 2.3.9
- removed memory and VM tweaks
- fixed tethering FC
- updated Google Maps to 6.4.0
- updated Market to Google Play 3.4.7
- new wallpaper... may be I'll just change it every release :P
- new official MIUI 4 lockscreen for 2.3.9 and above

- updated language pack to 2.3.2
- added 2 new translations: Turkish and Hungarian
- fixed Italian translation bug that caused FC in Settings > Data Usage

- upgraded to Android 4.0.4
- the codename is now "Stuffed Crust!"
- because everybody loves extra cheese in their pizza
- actually it's because I stuffed MIUI into evilisto's ROM
- or is it the other way around? never mind :P
- reverted to stock kernel
- removed disable scrolling cache mod
- updated screenshots

- updated to MIUI 2.3.2
- new default kernel: SlimSG
- fixed wireless tethering FC
- added torch and toggle is now working
- added some more Vexillum icons

- added language pack for 2.2.24

- updated to MIUI 2.2.24
- back to basic -- no more experimental tweaks
- all features in the OP
- changed releasing strategy (see this post)

- updated to MIUI 2.2.17
- fixed 3-way reboot menu glitch
- updated Google Maps (from Pete's ROM)
- (experimental) replaced original Browser with Android 4.0.4 Browser
- updated Deutsch and French translation to 2.2.17
- new default home screen layout
- new default wallpaper from Mac OS X Mountain Lion :P
- (experimental) some tweaks in init.d script
- disabled USB debugging by default

- added Deutsch and Russian translation (2.2.10)
- updated Italian translation to 2.2.10
- updated apns-conf.xml
- fixed 4-way lockscreen camera shortcut
- removed 4-way lockscreen from default theme (it can be downloaded as a separate mtz file -- see 2nd post)
- Monitor app translated (credit goes to MIUI Germany)

- updated to MIUI 4 version 2.2.10
- removed volume button wake mod (this feature is now built-in, to enable it go to Settings > Button)
- disabled scrolling cache (for smoother scrolling in apps)
- some build.prop performance tweaks
- added init.d startup script -- 99brickmaker
- improved USB transfer speed, which apparently
- fixed rebooting when trying to mount USB storage (hopefully, please test)
- fixed dictionary auto-correction
- new lockscreen (thanks to Fun With Drugs)
- added Dutch translation (2.2.10)
- updated French and Korean translation to 2.2.10

- Added French, Italian, and Korean translations
- some build.prop tweaks

- First release (MIUI 4 version 2.2.3)
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6th February 2012, 05:52 AM |#4  
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Good to see that new roms are coming Anyways the name of this rom is....kind of weird I will give it a try when it comes out

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6th February 2012, 05:55 AM |#5  
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you should really reconsider the name, you dont want your rom tarnished from the retarded likes of that troller.... ty for the work tho
6th February 2012, 06:46 AM |#6  
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Download link & installation guide updated.

Originally Posted by ljordan2

Good to see that new roms are coming Anyways the name of this rom is....kind of weird I will give it a try when it comes out

Originally Posted by b1337

you should really reconsider the name, you dont want your rom tarnished from the retarded likes of that troller.... ty for the work tho

Yeah I know Couldn't think of a cool name when I did the miui logo file though... May change it in the next release.

Thx for feedbacks.
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6th February 2012, 06:57 AM |#7  
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Kongrom sounds good to me

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6th February 2012, 07:39 AM |#8  
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post some battery stats and recommended kernel with this too .. thankyou

---------- Post added at 12:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:47 AM ----------

and can you please share the wallpaper too ..
6th February 2012, 07:52 AM |#9  
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The name was confusing hahaha

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6th February 2012, 09:08 AM |#10  
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italian language? )) What is the difference between this and oodiee ? i love these but which is better? I would like to install this but...
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6th February 2012, 09:35 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by rrohanjs

post some battery stats and recommended kernel with this too .. thankyou

---------- Post added at 12:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:47 AM ----------

and can you please share the wallpaper too ..

For battery stats may be tomorrow because I'm currently on SG kernel, not the stock one. You can find the wallpaper I use in the theme here. For higher resolution image, go to DeviantART.

Originally Posted by mixtapes08

The name was confusing hahaha

After so many responses, now I'm seriously thinking I should change the ROM's name

Originally Posted by Andrew1998

italian language?

Hmm, no luck unless you can point me to an MIUI 4 ROM with Italian translation then I can copy over the translated files into this ROM.
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