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[ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS(Crespo)- Clean, Simple & Fast (54MB)

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By krarvind, Senior Member on 13th December 2011, 06:22 PM
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Key features:
  • Fully built from AOSP sources with some cherry picks from CM and AOKP team,
  • Easy to customize features (thanks to AOKP team) via ASS (Advanced Slim Settings)
  • Common Base ROM - 44MB
  • Device Essentials - ~20MB
  • Slim Gapps - 14 MB
  • 5 languages ( en, fr, de, it and es. No new languages will be added)
  • Lightning Launcher
  • Lockscreen Options ( Calendar, Weather etc, check via ASS)
  • Screenshot via Customizable Nav Bar
What Works:
  • Everything for daily use
Supported Devices here, no extra devices for now ( and NO PORTS of Slim ICS):

Removed apps here, download it via my OTA app

Credits here



Latest version, Download Links and Change Logs : Go Here

Discuss the rom here in xda and Hit Thanks if you try the rom and like it .
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13th December 2011, 06:22 PM |#2  
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OUTDATED POST: Follow the first post link for detals.

While there is no recovery image provided with v2.0, i recommend trying out the TWRP (everything touch screen) or CWM ( better confirm menus)
TWRP Recovery:


if you want to get back to

Just flash the above in recovery.

Default is 182 DPI ( use 240 for any incompatible apps or check here for market workaround)

Slim ICS:
Fresh/Clean Installation Instructions:
Pre-Requisites: need to have CWM recovery or TWRP recovery installed.
  • Enter Recovery
  • Recommended: do a nandroid back up
  • Wipe data/factory reset
  • optional: format system in mounts and storage for extra clean install
  • select to install and wait for it to finish
  • optional: select and to install and wait for it to finish
  • reboot to system.

Coming from another 4.0.3 Rom :
  • A simple wipe cache and Install the zip file should do it.

Once rebooted, you will most likely see a blank screen. Press the soft menu key and preferences to customize you zeam launcher.

Change Log:
Slim ICS 3.1
Android 4.0.4 release, change log later

Download Link:
Slim ICS 3.1
Slim ICS 3.0 - Stable?
  • Fast Charge in Kernel and Controlled via ASS - thanks to chad0989 for FC patch - Turned off by default, take a look at this post for how it works.
  • Free Mem increase via kernel and device ( increase of about 40 MB) - thanks to Kali of CM team for source, i get about 200 MB free with 60 data apps installed, increase of about 50 MB.
  • Face book Sync
  • Nav Bar via ASS, turned off by default , turn it on via ASS( search and memu vritual keys are not transparent, other 3 are)
  • Calendar ( text ) in lockscreen, turned off by default again, turn it on via ASS.
  • Kernel Tweaks via ASS - thanks to AOKP for source - Don't enable fast charge in boot, if you do, it will cut off the data connection to pc.
  • Base and Essentials pretty much remain the same size
  • Big boost in benchmark performance via secret sauce
  • I can't remember what else, have to download 4.0.4 now.

Known Issues with 3.0
  • Lockscreen wallpaper doesn't work - original source issue
  • Lockscreen weather doesn't, just pull down notification bar
  • Search and Menu buttons are not transparent in Nav Bar

Now the download links,

Slim ICS 3.0

Slim_ICS_v2.9 - Stable
  • Weather Panel Added
  • Few more mods in ASS - Lockscreen Wallpaper doesn't work yet
  • Picasa and chrome sync adapter with gallery google in base
  • Latest sycn with AOSP sources as always
  • ICY blue MMS Icon - thanks to irtehun

Flash 2.9 Base and your device essentials

Slim ICS 2.9


Slim_ICS_v2.8 - Stable
  • Lockscreen Custom App
  • Sync Toggle Fixed
  • Latest Sync with AOSP
  • Email,Exchange in base
  • Camera power shutter, change resolution, auto focus. works Just uploaded as of GMT 05:19 Mar 4, if you downloaded earlier, get this Camera apk
  • Common Base across Nexus S and Galaxy S phones

Download Links:
Download Base and your Device Essentials, flash base + essentials, reboot

Slim_ICS_2.8 - - Base Size should be 52.1 MB (54579161 bytes)

Mirror Link


Use this Vending.apk if the inbuilt one doesn't allow paid apps.

Slim ICS v2.7
  • Common base for Nexus S phones
  • Modded Market where paid apps work ( if it doesn't, try this, manually push it in system/app, set permissions, reboot)
  • Introducing ASS ( Advanced Slim Settings) - thanks to Roman and AOKP team
    • Modify Notification Widgets
    • Adjust CPU frequency
    • Change battery style
    • Add/Remove Toggles
    • Adjust the toggle style ( Text, icon or alternate toggles)
    • Change LCD density
    • Allow 180 degree rotation
    • Custom Carrier Label
    • Back button to kill apps
    • Lockscreen options, octo doesn't but quad and two does
  • Latest Sync with speedy sources.
  • Latest AOSP tree sync



Slim ICS v2.6
  • Modded Market - Multi Dpi
  • T9 Dialer
  • Synced with Speedy sources
  • New Busybox
  • Latest sync with google sources
  • New Notification Power Widgets, AOKP style ( single click on the settings icon next to date for the notification bar to be clean)
  • Some things i forget now

Crespo_v2.6 (9020A/T,9023)



Slim ICS v2.5
  • Busybox 1.19.4
  • New Bootanimation - Thanks to DT3CH and Melissapugs
  • ExtendedPower Menu - Thanks CM team for source
  • Power Widget - Cm source
  • Latest Repo Sync
  • Latest Speedy Source SYnc - additional governers, schedulers

Crespo_v2.5 ( 9020A,T and 9023)

Cresp4g_v2.5 ( Nexus S 4g)

Use the addon from v2.4

Slim ICS v2.4 Crespo/Crespo4g:
  • Latest Repo Sync with google sources
  • Talk & Gmail 4.0.4
  • Chrome bookmark sync included
  • Video Chat Fixed
  • Google Sync updated based on the latest gapps
  • Original 3.4.4 instead of the modded one, see post 3 if some apps don't show up.

Download Links:

Crespo v2.4

Mirror_1 v2.4

Crespo4g v2.4



Addon_Mirror_1 v2.4

Slim ICS v2.3 Crespo/Crespo4g:
  • Latest Repo Sync with google sources
  • Sync with Latest Published Speedy Sources

Download Links:

Crespo v2.3

Crespo4G v2.3

Removed Addons

Slim ICS v2.2 Crespo/Crespo4g:
  • Dictionary Issue Fixed
  • Repo Sync with google sources
  • Sync with Latest Published Speedy Sources
  • Modded Market 3.4.4, multi dpi compatible for free apps, paid apps, buy through pc to the phone.

Download Links:


v2.2 Removed Apps _Google_Extras

Slim ICS v2.1 Crespo/Crespo4g:
  • Updated with the latest repo sync with google sources
  • Added Battery Life Extender ( BLX) to the kernel
  • Added 10 second blink timeout ( Backlights actually disable after 10 secs or so);
  • BLN works with BLN free app or NS Tools now.
  • Default Market is still 2.3.3 ( use the market patch or get the modded market link from above).

Download Links:
Crespo v2.1:



Market Patch:

Crespo 4g v2.1:




Market Patch:

Slim ICS v2.0.2:
  • Removed some languages, now the options are en ( us, uk), De, it, fr, es.
  • Updated Speedy kernel based on eugene's sources ( bln, bld, touchwake on by default, use NS tools to change)
  • Base Rom is 64MB
  • 2.0.2 Market Patch provided for any issues with the old market.

Slim ICS v2.0.2 Download Link:

Nexus S/ Crespo:

NOTE: To install Slim ICS v2.0.2 All Lang Patch youneed to have installed v2.0.2 first.

Nexus S 4G/Crespo4g ( only 5 lang version, en ( us, uk), fr, it, de, es)):

RIngtone Patch for Crespo and Crespo4g:

Slim ICS v2.0.1:
  • Further mods/clean up with simpler rooting
  • Removed Swype and replaced with stock android keyboard.
  • Base Rom is 69 MB now

If you are already on v2.0, Do a TiB or some other back of your apps, put the 2.0.1 on the sd card and flash. No wipe needed.

Slim ICS v2.0.1 Download Link:

Slim_ICS_Market Patch:
  • If your old market says app not compatible or doesn't show up, flash this patch, all apps will now show up, download what you want and change bacck to 182 dpi if you want.
Market Patch Link:

Slim ICS v2.0:
  • Fully recompiled from Android 4.0.3 base
  • Eugene's Speedy kernel integrated ( Main thread here)
  • Default DPI is 182, you can use dpi changer or edit build.prop to change
  • Default is Zeam Launcher, stock launcher is provided in the removed apps zip file
  • Default keyboard is Swype, stock IME keyboard provided in the removed apps zip file.
  • Rooted.

Download Links:

Slim ICS v2.0:

Slim ICS v2.0 Removed Apps:

Slim ICS v2.0 Face Unlock:

  • Calendar sync fixed
  • Market updated to 3.4.4
  • Default DPI to 240 to accomodate compatibility of all market apps.
  • Few more ringtones, alarms etc.

Slim_ICS_v1.0 ( intial Version):
  • Multi DPI? -( Default, is 182, my favourite, Have tried 200, 240 etc, use DPI changer utility from market or edit build.prop, change and reboot).
  • Swype
  • Zeam Launcher
  • QuickPic ( for some reason have to reinstall this manually after initial boot but my favourite, so keeping it, gallery2 provided in addon).
  • Market 2.3.3 ( I hate the new market but if you want it, flash the addon which has market updater in it)
  • Basic Google stuff included ( Gmail, Talk, Calendar, Contacts)
  • Rooted
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13th December 2011, 06:23 PM |#3  
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Known Issues:
  1. Some Market apps might now show up in the old market and/or 182 DPI. Please see below for the fix.

Known Issue Fixes:
  1. Try this, all apps will now show up ( You may have to clear market data when booted up), download what you want .

DSP Manager

Some User Reviews:

Tried it last night, and its good. Blazing fast!
----- SmoothFreeze

This ROM is perfect! Thank you for your work on this.
------ anrkee

its fast and paired with eugenes speedy 3 kernel really fast. try it
------ renna1992

I think its amazing!!
------ guitmz

Your ROM is very interesting karvind. I love using light weight unattended OSes on my computers so why not on the phone?
------ tchaari
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13th December 2011, 06:23 PM |#4  
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one last one...........
13th December 2011, 06:31 PM |#5  
Junior Member
Flag Malang
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looks promising
file size is only 78 mb? wow!
13th December 2011, 06:32 PM |#6  
Thanks Meter: 5
It look like nice rom i have to try
how i can get stock launcher

13th December 2011, 06:34 PM |#7  
Junior Member
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It Sounds great :) i go try it
13th December 2011, 06:52 PM |#8  
Thanks Meter: 3
What's wrong with Stock launcher???? Would give it a try, but not without Stock ics launcher
13th December 2011, 07:00 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by idaeis

What's wrong with Stock launcher???? Would give it a try, but not without Stock ics launcher

Nothing wrong with it, zeam is my favourite. Stock Launcher link added to OP. Have fun.
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13th December 2011, 07:25 PM |#10  
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Will your wallet apk work on other roms?
13th December 2011, 07:31 PM |#11  
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Different launcher? Screenshots would definitely make this ROM more enticing to flash ...

Also, do video effects work?

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