Lightbulb Nexus S Forum Etiquette [i9020] [i9020A] [i9020T] [i9023] [D720] etc...

As many of you know the Samsung Nexus S family is growing larger and larger with new sub models variations with minor changes in either the screen from SAMOLED to SLCD or the way they are rooted, and or radio for different regions.

It will be in the best interest of everybody here in the forum to please TAG your messages Subject line with the model of your phone when you are posting a new message, in return that will get you quicker responses from other members that have the same phone model as you do.

Here's a list of the most popular models that are seen the most in this section of the forum:

[i9020t] or [GT-i9020] or [GT-i9020T]
[i9020a] or [GT-i9020A]
[i9023] or [GT-i9023]
[NS4G] or [d720] or [SPH-D720]

Donation is appreciated but not required, a cup of Coffee would suffice

Samsung i9000m: on CM10
Samsung Nexus S: on JB 4.2.2
Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-T989: on CM10
Samsung Galaxy NOTE SGH-i717r: on CM10
Samsung Galaxy NOTE 3 SM-N900W8: stock 4.3