Default [Q] CALLING ALL DEVS OF NEXUS S (question)

Oh ye mighty coders I who know nothing but simple adb commands beseech thee for an answer:
Will thou's mighty coding fingers be working on the Sprint Nexus S?

This keeps me up many sleepless hours for I must pay a heavy price indeed to purchase my S .... full retail. So if the support of those that go blind on a computer screen to make my phone slightly better isn't there.... I'll probably go with that ugly brick that can ... the Evo . Thanks in advance .. I need to know cause I know it'd take some effort kernel wise and even whole drivers may be different so this would take more time development wise even on existing Roms right?
Thanks all hope I didnt bother too bad and I appreciate the feedback (in advance)
(P.S. I wish I would've just kept my HeroC and not got an Optimus then I wouldn't have to pay full retail on my phone but wish in one hand crap in the other....)