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I have searched the web, xda and television advertising (oh wait, that was just the television program I was watching...) to find an answer on how to disable the notification that you stopped an apps permission.. I find it rather annoying that is has to be displayed when I know that it is disabled.. A notification would be fine if I tried to perform an action that required that app to have access, but not a constant reminder that I don't want every app to read all my emails.. I am looking for a script, app, updated fixes on other roms?? or something that will let me use it, but not be hounded over my paranoia.. ;p I think Slim Rom has this ability, but how?? I do not want to use only Slim for this one feature.. I turn off debugging notification and others by a simple change in the build.prop.. Could I get a fix in a similar fashion for this notification as well??..

Thanks in advance..

P.S. the finder of the fix will get a free..... ... .. . So act now as that pre-mentioned free thingy is in short supply!
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