Default [Q] No misseed phone call BLN notification in slimkat


The title is pretty much my question. I am using SlimKat's lastest (build 5) and I have been very happy with it so far. Good performance... Good battery life... But not having the phone call BLN notification is pretty annoying to me. I did not realize how much it was useful to me until it was gone (SMS/mail/whatever else works fine)

I thought this was a kernel issue somehow, so I switched to marmite 9.0 but although it worked fine when I was using it with JellyBean, it made no difference now.. Installed DevilsTools too because I read that there was the option into the program but still no success.

Does anyone happen to have it working and if so, could you point me out how to make it work? That would be much appreciated!

Thank you.