Talking [Q] Need Help Fast Please I Think I'm Bricked

Ok so Here's my problem I CANT GO BACK TO STOCK....Please help

Things I did to try and fix it but no luck.

1. Use One Click Stock but could not use it because of debug mode need to be enabled
2. Use Samsung download mode but would not recognize device keeps saying unknown device and yes I tried different ports and new cord and its a new phone so theirs nothing wrong with USB port on phone and i have the drivers I sure.
3. Also used wug's tools did not want to work
4.I did a lot of things but restore from backup because i don't have one

NOW ONE THING I DID NOT DO WAS>>>>BACKUP NOW IM STUCK Is it possible to give me a back up that I can use on my phone

BTW I also used fastboot to flash stock but i keep getting fails all I can flash is recovery's and transfer over Roms and stuff to install but I don't want another ROM I want back to original with no unlock

Please help, Thanks
BTW Using Nexus S 4g