Default Contacting someone who is a developer for CM11 for the Nook HD+

CM 11 (recent nightlies) for my Nook HD+ and several other older devices, uses the libaudiohw_legacy which does not include for the product_package in the .mk file. A new App (XDA Hardware Hacking>Google Chromecast>[EXPERIMENTAL] Enable Mirroring from any device) adds a new name to the database file for the Google Play services /data/data/ "gms:cast:mirroring_enabled". This brings up the screen casting menu and all the options successfully on the Nook HD+. Unfortunately, in the ROM versions using libaudiohw_legacy where there is no included in the product_packages in the .mk file, this causes a Google Play Services forced close. Those who have the knowhow and technical ability to compile and add this in themselves can make this work, even in an older Nook Color, so it is not a hardware issue. I do not have the required ability to do so, and as per the above mentioned thread would like to get this info to the developers so that they could consider making this modification. I believe not only users of the Nook HD+, but others with the same limitations would tremendously enjoy screencasting from their Android devices and that this change would be a tremendous positive. I have no idea how to or who to make this suggestion / plea. If anyone can either forward this message to an appropriate person or give me a correct name, route, or mechanism to do so, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.