Default [Solved!] Hard key 158 won't respond to changes!

Hi nookies,

I have a problem. The bottom right hard key (158) of my rooted NTG will not perform any action I tell it to in TWL4030_Keyboard.kl or Nook Touch Mod Manager. It will only perform the Back action. All my other keys work fabulously, but this one started acting up on me.

Can someone please help me?

EDIT - I fixed it! I was just looking in TWL4030_Keyboard.kl to see if I misspelled something, when something caught my eye. Way up near the top of the file, I saw this:

key 158   BACK           WAKE_DROPPED
This was completely separate from the 4 entries at the bottom. So, happily, I replaced the above with RIGHT_PREVPAGE, rebooted, and viola, it worked.

So now, I ask this: why the heck would there randomly be 2 different key codes for the same key? And can I get rid of the extra one?
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Did you remember to back up your Nook?

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