Default [Q] Will this process work?

So I've read and read and read and I feel comfortable with all this however I just want to double check that everything I'm doing is right before I continue. I was late to the Note 3 party so I haven't been keeping up with the developments lately.

I have a Rogers Note 3 running Android 4.3 Build MJ4. This device has a stock rom only modification is that it was rooted. Still has a stock recovery and everything.

My goal is to install Dynamic Cat 4.0

So here are the steps I plan on taking

1. Factory Reset Phone
2. Factory Update to 4.4 kitkat
3. Root using Towelroot
4. Install Safestrap Recovery
5. Install Dynamic Cat

Would this process work? I'm assuming once I go to Kitkat I won't be able to go back and try any Jellybean roms, is that correct? Is there a better way to approach this? Thank you for any help
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