Default [Q] SPEN Air type

Hello ,

So i switch back to Samsung keyboard and all is fine, i mean everything works as its supposed to , this is only occuring under google keyboard in CHROME when i try to type anything anywhere in chrome , maybe elsewhere but this is where i notice it the most. when i switch to google keyboard i can air type and super sensitive, like 3 plus of every character shows up when i air type with the S PEN ,

When i use the samsung keyboard all is fine, i have googled and read about popping the cap and turning down the sensitivity ,

I prefer the google keyboard due to the dictionary i can add and alter, the samsung keyboard sucks donkey dong.

any thoughts ?

far from stock ,
Devices: SGS3 cm 10.1.2 B&N NT CM 10.1.2 just added samsung galaxy note 3.0 and Samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0

oldpc 6800 mogul sprint flashed to crickets 2x ip3g 2x ip3gs 2x ip4