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What a God send!! Thank you so so much for your work. It's amazing how much junk our phones come shipped with

I want to delete as many Samsung apps as possible but I want to keep full functionality in Air Command. In other words, I want all options in the Air Command popup to work, when I pull out the stylus.

OP, can you tell me what apps NOT to delete so I don't screw up the Air Command popup?

Thanks, buddy and keep up the awesome work!
Apologies for the late response, work has been insane. I'm not sure exactly what apps would affect the function of the S-Pen and Air Command. I removed 95% of the bloat from mine and Air Command still works great. I just didn't remove any apps that were related to the S-Pen.

I have begun working on version 3 that will instead of deleting the apps, it will instead compress and move them to your SD Card in case you decide to restore any of the apps. This will be an option, it will also allow you to just delete them as before. It will take a while to do this since it is a MAJOR rewrite.

EDIT I'm not 100% sure this is possible with Aroma, but I will give it a shot.