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[Q] Who wants this amazing device?

11th September 2014, 04:43 PM   |  #21  
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I'll definitely be looking into it. I really like the idea and it will be a fun part of the SDK to play with.
12th September 2014, 08:47 PM   |  #22  
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I'm on Verizon edge program.. so getting the edge is just a phone swap away.... my main concern is this: my phone when not In my hand is in my pocket.. sound familar? I'm just curious with the "always on" side screen if phone is gonna be pushing screen buttons on etc.. also concerned about battery life.. it'll be this or the note 4 99% might throw the iPhone plus in my hand (never owned an iphone) if it comes out first just to see what the fan boy crap is about..then return it and get the edge or 4. I personally don't see what the hype is about iphones... guess I'll figure it out maybe
13th September 2014, 09:14 PM   |  #23  
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Me me me hehe big note fan here sorry note 4
22nd September 2014, 02:22 AM   |  #24  
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Seems a bit to gimmicky to me plus i doubt aosp will support it.
22nd September 2014, 02:53 AM   |  #25  
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Originally Posted by fix-this!

Seems a bit to gimmicky to me plus i doubt aosp will support it.

Some think gimmick but looks more like innovation, either way could be really cool for developers to play with and users to reap the benefits of. Plus everything the note 4 is.... it's win win. You might be right about aosp but buying a note and putting aosp on it is a waste anyway.
24th September 2014, 10:15 PM   |  #26  
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^^^ THis.


Originally Posted by Shibby303 View Post
I went with the Note 4 instead of the Edge because of the VR thing. Real shame.


i did too. just put in my pre-order.

and i agree... stupid stupid move on samsung's part.

no support for gear vr on edge for +$150-200? Adding a small notification screen and sacrificing a free VR headset for the same price is a no go for me.

what would you rather have?

-$699 note 4 + $200 vr headset = $999

-$999 edge with a cool little notification bar = $999

I'm all about cool new tech, but when they cut off gear vr support from the edge, they cut me off of this cool little bonus. when you think about it, your making the choice between a VR headset or a notification bar for the same amount of money. I'd MUCH rather have a vr headset as they are doing WAY more dev wise with this then they are with that little note bar. VR games, movies, etc., or a nightstand alarm clock?

Also consider this: They produced 11 million note 4's. will you get one on day one on OCT 17th? yes you will. Whenever they finally get around to announcing the Note Edge, with only 1 mil made (1 / 11th of what they produced in the note 4 flavor), and considering its going to have a near-black friday launch, people dont have a bat's chance in hell getting this phone without a 6 hour line wait outside of your favorite cell phone shop. I will definitely pass on that.

Considering only 1mil are made, and its a flagship phone testing out this new tech on the market, how do you think that will do for accessories? Your not going to have much selection for sure, especially with the challenge of supporting the odd screen design.

Additionally, considering its a niche market, there are really not going to be too many dev's on this making interesting apps. Why would they? it would be a market for 1% of the android app store consumers considering the volume of devices being made and sold. This spans beyond direct dev and in to interesting upgrades on apps you already use like MX player. I'd doubt the dev's of MX player would add support for this device as so few of their customer base would even have the phone. In fact, the UK market will be wholly devoid of this device, so forget about anything coming out of the UK accessory/app wise as well.

All things considered, is it cool? heck yeah it is. however, this is a sample of things to come. I personally am going to wait until they establish this tech in the next gen of phones and really take advantage of it. Cool curvy-notification bar is just a test run... next gen is going to have something more interesting, say a full fold-up or something of the like once they really perfect the production of this technology.

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