Info 2 Help Wanted for Modding Portal/HL2

r3pwn and I are currently looking into, and making progress, toward loading custom maps, custom textures, and custom just about anything for Half-Life 2 and Portal on the SHIELD. We currently have:

-Console GUI
-Executing console commands
-Loading advanced maps from Portal PC
-Full USB/Bluetooth keyboard support
-Bonus maps natively accessible from the menu
-Difficulty switching
-Import bonus maps
-Developer commentary
-Custom maps

Since we're only a team of two, the work is taking a long time and we could definitely accomplish more if we had a few more hands. If you want to help, be sure you have a way to run and play Portal/HL2 on an Android tablet (or phone I guess). It needs to be rooted, and I strongly advise having a USB/Bluetooth keyboard, and an Xbox 360 or Logitech controller connected via USB OTG. Add on Google Hangouts if you want to help.