Default HTC One XL issues - polish carrier

Few days ago i tried to flash my HTC One XL, from polish carrier Play. It took me a long time to unlock bootloader, do S-Off, flash recovery and finally flashing a rom.

I sucesfully flashed JB Rom (this one) but i found out i have some problems with detecting mobile network operators, so i tried to flash new Kit Kat rom. It failed, i upgraded my recovery and finally flashed it. I tried many diffrent roms, but every one of them had one issue - WIFI doesn't work, along with mobile network.

What's the issue here? I tried reflashing firmware (tried both 2.15, and 2.18). I reflashed recoveries, tried old one that worked previously - with no effect. How can i fix this issue? WiFi doesn't work, no matter what i do - flash boot.img of wanted rom, i tried diffrent kernels - still nothing.

Thanks in advance.