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I have a fitBAG(red suede) for my Nokia 1520 and while I like it I think that the material ones could do with some sort of support around the rim as they are very floppy and can be hard to get the phone into. The leather ones I think would be better as they are a bit stiffer. The suede also picks up lint and stuff on it but they are a great fit.
I just ordered this case, with a red interior which has a card on the front (13 / $20) delivered from Latvia. Good reviews on Etsy and on XDA for the shop.

It looks less floppy that the fitbag I think, though perhaps a little bulkier. Will let you know what it is like when it arrives.

There are many oneplus one pouches on Etsy; many leather ones and other designs which can be made for the OPO for around 35.