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Camera very mediocre: Sorta "fixed" - use HDR. See also IUNI Rom in Dev

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There's a thread on IUNI rom over in the Android Dev thread. Short takes
- Everyone loves the UI and camera
- Got to flash a CM recovery to get it to load
- Got to use ColorOS gapps - especially to get english to work. (link in thread, not on OP)
- Got to get the latest beta (link in the thread, not on OP) to get play store to work
- Battery usage poor - although, as usual one or two say not so.

Guess I'll hold off for a while - don't have time to flail around with it rt. now.
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The problem with the cameras available is that before L they will not be able to do better than oem because of lack of apis. That's one of the sellingpoints of L, now third party can use loads of more control, today those cameras use the same apis and can't control very much. With L Google says that everyone can create HDR+ and oems will not be the only ones that can build cameras with full control.

That said, the OnePlus camera clearly don't use any deeper control than third party, and that is clearly a waste of good hardware.

Today was my son's first school day, why o why didn't. I bring one of my other phones. The camera 🎥 is not up to 100 kids running around...

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Most cameras can take great pics outdoor on a tripod, good cameras can handle kids and normal point and click...

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I installed color os last weekend, the camera is way better and the af is more or less instant.
Just give me a Nexus/Silver with a great camera/app...

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Default Exif says it all

I jsut got an OPO, and I have to agree, camera is really lackluster. To me, the problem is most apparent in medium light and below. Say indoors with daylight outside and one or two lights on and less. In these conditions the poor sensitivity of the sensor is alarming. But even outdoors it is easy to see the issue, just look at the exif data for exposure settings. Even with its wide aperture (f/2.0) it is using higher ISO (more gain) and slow shutter (more light) to make the same exposure.

Look at the attachment, which shows exif from the series of outdoor images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jdx1c7dig...c-spabvFa?dl=0

OPO - f/2, 1/913s, iso-100 and sort of a dark shot.

Nexus 5, f/2.4 (half a stop less light - i.e. 25% less light), 1/1021s (10% faster, 10% less light) and iso-101 (same) so dealing with 35% less light and the exposure is roughly the same, or maybe even slightly brighter for the Nexus.

Iphone5 f/2.4, 1/2262 (~twice as fast so ~1/2 the light), iso-50 (half the sensitivity, needs 2x light to saturate it), and if anything the shot is OVER exposed. This is why the iPhone camera is so great, it has great sensitivity.

From this we can tell that the OPO camera hardware or software simply has a sensitivity issue.

I refer you here to see how iso is measured: http://www.dxomark.com/About/In-dept...SO-sensitivity Look at the definition section. ISO sensitivity = (a constant) / (exposure needed to saturate the sensor in lux-seconds) So at the same light level, better sensitivity (lower iso) is realized if a sensor needs more time to saturate compared to others. The OPO sensor needs very little time to saturate (apparently).
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So the question is:

1) Can this be fixed by a software update?

2) If so, will it be fixed by CM or do we need third party software?
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Originally Posted by therealgiblet View Post
So the question is:

1) Can this be fixed by a software update?

2) If so, will it be fixed by CM or do we need third party software?
An the camera experience be improved with software? Absolutely. Will it ever equal the iphone from a sensitivity perspective? No. Will it often take better pictures? Sure.

Main thing that android needs is better camera apis. Something that gives the user more cotrol o the exposure triangle. At least a decent Action mode that prioritizes short exposure time 1/60s or so at least, and has low shutter lag. That will be the most noticable change. Supposedly L release will have some improvments thwre.
Nexus 5 with CM11
TF101 with KatKiss 4.4.2
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