Default [Q] GPS not fixing/locking while on mobile data transfer

Hi ive posted this in cyanogenmod forums, but maybe someone here experienced similiar issue:

Recently i got myself OnePlus One /China version/. At the moment i have it flashed with CM11 Nightly 01072014.

Everything works fine but the GPS. I am having some odd iggues with it. While it locks correct when im at home (WiFi connection enabled), when i leave home and start using navigation software, be it google maps or anything else, after i go out of reach from Wifi and mobile swaps to Mobile data transfer (HSPDA+) gps loses fix and cant get it locked back up anymore.

When i disable mobile data, it locks back up... so it seems like the issue is connected to mobile data transfer. Its pretty annoying since im using maps that require being 'online' which pretty much forces me to use offline maps.

Anyone ever faced similiar issue? Dont see how it could be connected to my carrier (T-Mobile Poland) since few days back when i was still on my older ACE2, all gps functions on that phone worked fine whilst being on mobile data etc. Only difference might be it wsnt HSPDA+ cappable....

Suggestions? This really is doing my head in, ive been googling around like crazy, trying all kinds of GPS 'fixes' but issue remains and most likely involves that mobile data transfers somehow.