Default [Q] Anyone Knows How to Reroute Microphone Profile


I have a technical question regarding changing/re-routing microphone.

Here's my problem, it seems like my micro stopped working properly recently (maybe after a drop). The main microphone produces very little sound input and because of that, voice call doesn't work -- people can't hear me very well at all from the other side. Also voice recording doesn't work.

Spaker phone mode and headset mode works just fine. So i know the main-heandset-mic is broken.

My solution:

So I've tried a few approach, including editing the mixer_paths.xml file in system/ect/mixer_paths.xml

I have successfully replaced the main-mic with the speaker-mic and this seems to help a little bit. I'm able to record sound again using the speaker-mic.

But during call, it won't active that mic. I think android turns off all the other mic (both speaker-mic and headphone-mic, if it doesn't detect a headset plugged in and if I'm on normal handset mode).

Does any developers who knows android well enough to help me with this? I think somehow if I can have it so that android won't turn off my spaeker-phone mic when I'm in normal call mode would work, since the I've already replaced the mixter path profile of main-mic with that of speaker-mic.

Hope this is not too confusing..... I've trying my best to describe the problem. it's been very frustrating.