Question [Q] Issue: "Double-tap to wake" always activated, even if I deactivate it

25R, unlocked bootloader, TWRPed, rooted, ART

I use only 2 CM Profiles (No triggers)
1/ Default: nothing changed/checked
2/ Custom: nothing checked, but "Lock screen mode" is set to disabled

I use Tasker (internet connections, sound profiles, shortcuts, sync and CPU)
I've disabled "System+ Module" in Secure Settings app, since I'm not using the app anymore
I use Greenify (not hibernating system apps because I'm on ART, so no Xposed)

My issue is "Double-tap to wake" keeps itself CHECKED
No matter how many times I uncheck it, which I do a lot everyday

-I really use "Double-tap to wake" every now and then, but I don't want it to be ON all the time
-I'm not willing to update to 30O or 33R (as long as I got a great battery life and amazing camera results)

Experiences, thoughts, and suggestions are most welcome
Thank you in advance