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Ahh success!

Ok if anyone is having this issue here is the solution:

1. Put your phone in fastboot mode (volume up + power)
2. Plug your usb cable in. Go to your PC and open the cmd prompt from the folder on your pc that has fastboot.exe (shift+right click in folder, select open command window here)
3. Type fastboot format cache
4. Then type fastboot reboot

Solved the hanging/boot loop.
had the same problem, thx man!
silly me, i was always using:
fastboot erase cache
no wonder, it didnt work
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hTc ONE M7 - Stealth Black (S-OFF)
ROM: InsertCoin 4.0.2
Firmware version: 4.4.3
Build: 6.09.401.5
Radio: 4T.29.3218.08
KERNEL: ElementalX
Recovery: TWRP