Default [Q] Trouble updating to XNPH30O - apply_patch_check(" /system/xbin/powertop"

I am rooted with TWRP recovery and no other modifications. Received the XNPH30O update downloaded and attempted to install but I receive the following error:

apply_patch_check(" /system/xbin/powertop" , "50fdb5315765f12a72779840c45d067620f47339" , "dcbc90a8f63554761c85e859cf531af3a3d390b0")

I cant seem to find any information about this specific error other than on the OPO forums there are people that experience similar error but they'll be in a different part of the system. I saw someone that had similar error but in /system/framework/ I searched around and found that my /system/xbin/powertop could be caused by the browser.apk in the OTA file. But I dont understand why I would have this issue and others that are also rooted with custom recovery wouldnt.

I tried to wipe dalvic and cache with no go and even tried to fix permissions with no go. Any help/insight would be appreciated.