Default Wifi blocks incoming calls and sms!! - BUG????


Im having a strange issue that i only just noticed and was wondering if others are having the same problem.

It seems when i am connected to either 5ghz wifi AC or Wifi 2.5gz N,

My phone refuses to accept incoming calls, will call out just fine but will not let me receive.

when I turn wifi off calls come through OK, Just wondering if there is someone who can help.

Update - I have re-flashed both kernel to stock - same wifi being on blocks incoming calls.

I have re-flashed the ROM - again, same issue Wifi seems to interfere with incoming calls and sms. -- Will not receive anything until I disable wifi??

I have also just booted into Safe Mode and the same problem still exists - Wifi is blocking incoming calls, but i can send sms and calls while being on wifi.

Is this a Bug!!! should I report this to CM - could some one else please try this process.

I have also checked and double checked my APN settings and they are correct.

Will do a complete factory reset and see if problem still exists.


This has to be a bug I have factory'd back to XNPH22R

and the wifi bug is still there!

Thankyou in advance
CURRENT :- Samsung Galaxy S2 GT9100 (Rooted)
(retired from service)

RECOVERY = ClockworkMod 5.0.2
Kernel = SiyahKernel 2.0beta 6
ROM = R8zersRom