Default [Q] Bricked SU870

Hi guys
i think i bricked my su870
as of now, if i connect it to a charger or press the power on button, it will only bootloop
LG logo appears then it restarted back
i tried to revive it by using the wkpark boot, but apparently my windows 8.1 cant even detect my phone as omap (i've removed the battery.also tried to plug the usb cable directly and even tried connect it while holding Vol + )
it just said Unknown USB Device (Device Failed Enumeration) in device manager and windows keep on connect/disconnecting it.tried to right click on it and update the driver.pointed it to the OMAP folder,but it just straight away said latest driver has been installed
try another cable and windows doesnt even detect the phone at all

any idea how do i revive this phone ?

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