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I was on the latest 02-09 kernel.

Gov: abyssplugv2,
1.3ghz max, min 51mhz, screenoff: 620mhz
Row, westwood, no UV, intelliplug, multicore savings=0

It worked mostly good but it had issues with waking up. It would mostly not wake up in the morning (it just dies and I have to force reboot) and sometimes during the day as well. No freezes, just death in standby sometimes.

Wish it can be fixed soon. I imagine it has to do with some bugs in intelliplug or something else. Changing governor didn't help much I'm afraid.

Thanks to all the testers and the dev.
Thanks for your report. Yes, the bug is someway related to hotplug governor and devfreq issues..A new hotplug fix is coming, we're testing hard mpdecision, intelliplug and cpuquiet to find which the best is, on handling CPU frequencies and overall CPU behaviour..ATM, we are testing a solution which seems to have solved the sod problem at all (just tested while phone was charging, after it was charged, with and without phone connection to ac power, and no more sod have happened, before and after waking phone up from deepsleep). Wait a bit more, and you'll have the definitive solution to the problem
My actual devices:
LG-P880 - Beanstalk 4.4.4/LiquidSmooth 3.2 powered by Mourta - Mourta/Iodak v10 based kernel
Asus ME301T - Beanstalk 4.4.2 - Geass Kernel

If you want to try Mourta's Kernel and ROM, use the links below:
Mourta Kernel
LiquidSmooth 3.2 powered by Mourta