Default [HOW TO] Manage wakelocks (Stock Kitkat)

Hello All,

I would like to share something that I found using "betterbatteryStats" that can be very helpful with Kitkat LG ROM (I believe that with CM you don't need this because there is App Ops "natively", another option is xposed modules), old stock ROM i've not tested.

Recently I've just unnistall "greenify" after reading Chamonix opion about greenify and wakelocks problematic, right now I analyse frequently wakelocks information and I try to reduce their impact in my phone performance.

This is my procedure right now:

1. Analise "alarm" statistic.

2. Select desire system/app process (press icon)

3. choose "app Ops"

4, Select app to change

5. Turn off the option that you want
Stock 4.4.2 Sling 2.2 ROM
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Stock US 4.0.3 r5 ROM
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