Default G3/G Pro 2 -> Ports/Mods/Etc 4 G Pro

Hi! Just Recently I Posted a Thread About G3 Ports 4 Our G Pro. Almost 4 days I've been doin work, I'm still learning though, But Here's What I have So Far...

I Ported Almost Most Apps w/ Widgets From G3 & G Pro 2 Like:
  • Phone/Contacts W/ Call UI, Call Logs... Everything
  • Backup
  • Gallery
  • Clock
  • Calendar
  • File Managers
  • Email
  • Video
  • Music W/ Widget
  • Calculator
  • Polaris Viewer 5
  • Task
  • Downloads
  • Favorite Contacts Widgets
  • Memo - Only Port From G Pro 2 So Far..
  • Flashlight Widget w/ SOS Mode.... Kinda Funny But Awesome ^_^

I Added My Personal Favorite Apps That i like is:
  • Rebooter
  • G3 Tweaksbox - Kinda Like G2 Tweaksbox But IG... Better

Working Apps That has Issues Is:
  • Messaging - FC's.... Won't Open But Has Working Notifications N' etc
  • LockScreen - Works But Swipe Effect is Stuck on the First Chosin Effect
  • Quick Remote - Works But Can't Control TV In Any Way....

So... I'm Not Really A Dev.. YET... But However, I'm helping ppl who's working on a G3/G Pro 2 Rom for G Pro.. But For Now I'm Still porting some more Apps from both G3 & G Pro 2... So If People Can Port Other Apps Like Messaging.. Lockscreen.. G3's Launcher w/ icons... or a G3's Keyboard or Etc..? (In Which I Need Them All Really BADLY lol...) Plz Lemme know ASAP Thanks

Pics And Maybe Links Be Uploaded later... Promise...