Post stuck on setup wizard of lg optimus l5 ii e450/e460

Hello everybody, i have a question: how do i skip/bypass the "add an account" part of the setup wizard on the lg optimus l5 ii e450/e460? Becouse, if i add one of my 3 google accounts, it will automatically go back to the first part of the add an account section. Home doesnt work. I dont have the latest firmware, so i will update the firmware as soon as i am back on a windows machine. I have a backup, made with adb, but the owner is the "root" account of my ubuntu machine, so i cant restore it. Can someone help me?

PS: the 4 corner trick doesnt work, and typing #testmode in the emergency dialer doesnt work to. And sorry if there are some grammer mistakes, because english isnt my firs language