Default [Q] L5 CM11 9.3 & touchscreen

Hello all.

I have an LG E610 L5 and was trying to update my CM11 9.1 to 9.3 (per the three-step instruction at After installing the latest beta with CWM and all going smoothly, when the phone finally boots up the touchscreen doesn't seem to work. In other words, I can't get past the SIM lock.

Tried wiping cache, but it didn't help.

I had the same problem with TeamOPTIMA's CM port, but PecanCM's 9.1 was usable. Does anyone have any ideas what I could try to get it to work?

addendum edit: downgraded back to 9.1 backup, touchscreen works again. Either I do something wrong while updating (followed the instructions in the linked thread), some app is going haywire or my E610 has some strange issues with 9.3...