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[ROM][4.4.4][KitKat][E610/P700][Built from Source]CarbonRom

7th April 2015, 06:38 PM |#41  
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That would be great, in that case make it count since it will be your last release for our phone...
7th April 2015, 07:38 PM |#42  
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Originally Posted by aidasaidas75

maybe will release last version with bln and some bugs fixed

I've been using LG Touch LED Notifications app for bln, and it works great! I can customize the way the capacitive buttons flash, monitor any app's activity to notify, turn back lights on while charging and screen off, etc. I'm looking into having the back lights flash rapidly when the phone rings, I think it can do it.
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8th April 2015, 12:01 AM |#43  
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SKernel M3 working on Carbon 20150329-1956-e610
After updating Carbon to CARBON-KK-UNOFFICIAL-20150329-1956-e610: Flashed the latest SKernel and performs outstanding! No artifacts or distorted animations at all.
I then set all animation transitions to 0 and forced GPU 2D rendering, and ginger snaps like a mad redhead. The device quickly began taking advantage of the 61MHz clock speed setting as well without any noticeable lag. I was able to upgrade i/o scheduler to sioPlus to use with SmartassH3 and gives good balance of efficiency and performance.
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8th April 2015, 03:20 AM |#44  
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Thumbs up ART runtime working
ART runtime is working on both Carbon versions: "CARBON-KK-NIGHTLY-20140712-1049-e610" and "CARBON-KK-UNOFFICIAL-20150329-1956-e610"
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8th April 2015, 07:44 PM |#45  
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Exclamation Torch flashlight bug v20150329-1956-e610
This is why I baled on the Pecan based ROMs and started using Carbon. Now it's broken in the flashlight department:
The CM torch is useless dim, no flash when recording video, 3rd party torch apps don't work.

Returning to previous version CARBON-KK-NIGHTLY-20140712-1049-e610.
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25th April 2015, 03:01 AM |#46  
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Info 2 Recommend: Turn off persitence #1 step.
I have narrowed down some hairy setup issues related to Carbon's persistence settings checked by default after flashing clean. It causes some system settings to not stick after reboot and worse when updating system and apps with root access. I'm done with all persistence settings because it's a time bomb waiting to mess up the system.
I would uncheck the "Persistence" settings located under "Carbon Fibers" before updating BusyBox or anything else. You'll likely have to reboot and uncheck them again until they stay unchecked...just keep checking that they're unchecked.
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19th May 2015, 02:51 AM |#47  
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Database CarbonROM download [original]
The original version of this ROM is still the most comprehensively featured, fast, stable, and bug free custom ROM for e610 available in my opinion. But flash Google Framework and anything can happen.

Since there's no link I'll host the original ROM, -CALIBAN666- overclock kernel, and v20 baseband:

Known bugs (minor):

- Data, LCD density, and hosts file persistence is turned on by default. [fix] Go to Settings/Carbon Fibers/Persitence and turn them all off. Reboot, turn them off again, reboot, make sure they are off. Once you get the system how you like, then you may want to turn them back on.

- Freeze at boot splash when usb plugged in and booting into recovery. [unresolved]

- Music skipping to next song when connected to bluetooth. [fix] With a root file explorer, open the file /system/etc/ with a text editor, and scroll down near the bottom. Look for the line "case $device in" with ""e610"" underneath and change the value from "true" to "false", exactly like it is for the ""p700"" line item. Save edited file and reboot system.

- Hardware Home key wakes device. I say this is a bug since it is a mod turned on by default and related to other settings in CarbonROM that allow the volume buttons to do the same, yet no option in the settings to turn off the Home button wake. If you leave this mod turned on, it WILL wake the phone in your pocket. Sure, you can turn on proximity and/or timed sensors, and the many lock and wake options available to mitigate the problem, but all sacrifice performance. [fix] With a root file explorer, open the file /system/usr/keylayout/7x27a_kp.kl with a text editor, and scroll down near the bottom. Following the line "key 172 HOME", delete the spaces and "WAKE" value. Save edited file and reboot system.

- NFC function is same as many CM 4.4 ROMS where you toggle it once from the notification/pull-down menu and will be off upon reboot, and enabled the same way (require reboot).

I've been using nano and pico PA Gapps packages with fair success. I've recently switched to the mini Slim Gapps (TRDS) since it's more up-to-date and I believe more compatible with the dark theme switch incorporated into this ROM:

Update: I've had better success with the Slim Gapps over PA but may be due to Google's near daily updates to Play Services rather than any difference in packages themselves.
I have identified a laggyness issue to KeyguardTestActivity (documented on other CarbonROM threads). It only develops after adding a google account, so is obviously related to Play Services: Hibernating KeyguardTestActivity with Greenify(donation) resolves the battery drain and lag caused by the system app and whatever Google is attempting to use it for.
I identified a CPU wakelock associated with Play Services/Update Service running constantly and resolved it by hibernating Play Services with Greenify.
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19th May 2015, 11:18 PM |#48  
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i reflash p705 from carbon rom p700,its working well,its smooth.i like this rom.hope update this rom for p700 / p705 too.thanks
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