Unhappy [Q] Problem with LG P768

Hello, I'm aware that many other users had the exactly same problem, unfortunately.

Five days ago, I left my phone charging plugged in my computer as I do every day, next day when I woke up I dressed me and unplugged it from my computer and put it in my jean, two minutes after I got it in my hand and I saw that it was dead, tried with no success to power on it.

I plugged it to PC again and I could power on, so I've unplugged it and it died, did the same again and I could stay with it alive for 1 hour and half, after that only when plugged to power on, when going out of work Ive unplugged it and it died, after that no more power on

I Read about everything in xda and google, the result of using fastboot was "FAILED (remote: partition does not exist)"
Tried to flash the boot / recovery / x-loader from the KDZ using the KDZ extractor to IMG and the result was the same as mentioned above.

As I read I could understood, no partition is avaiable/present.

My warranty died when I rooted it, and also expired 6 days before the problem appear (...), anyone can Help?

I'm think, if is possible to make the SD card bootable?