Default Boot loop P500

I installed the rom 4.4.4 OS2SD with twrp, but because i didn't have baseband (no phone signal) i tried to apply the bbfix, but twrp always said that didnt success installing the zip, so i installed clockworkmod to change recovery to cwm, but i, for some mistake that i don't know how, installed another version that wasn't recommended to P500 (4.0... something), and when restart the phone it loops in lg logo (not freeze) and everytime i put the usb cable it starts automaticly and loops the lg logo, not being able to use the lg tool to flash original firmware.
I can't start the recovery menu (with home, vol , power - combo), only emergency mode can be accessed, but i don't know how to recover anything.

what can i try to do? or the phone is bricked?

Thanks for the attention!