Default What other good ROMs out there for the Photon Q?

So for the past few months every since i've gotten this awesome Photon Q(XT897), it's been treating really well with KitKat by Carbon. I've pretty tried all the following once;\

CarbonROM - Good sleek rom, but seems to be behind on some features.
PacMan ROM - Really good and seems to bring alot to the plate. Only problem is everything especially system.ui crashes on me every second.
Mokee ROM
GUmmy ROM -- Mokee and Gummy for the most part started to do the same thing. I would try a feature and then crash.far
LiquidSmooth -- Best ROM i've used so far, but doesnt see you get to much support from the devs through the forums. Their own forums are dead.
Vanir ROM - ALso a good stable ROM, but not as much features as Liquid.
KitStalk(Formally Beanstalk) by GraberROMs. The closest in functionality and stability. A lot of pre installed useful apps and modules. Its shame that they probably wont be supporting XT897 since the unified build is doing away with it.l
CM11--Well the M8 snapshot works, but the navigation bar is so limited. That's a no go for me. Nice looking, simple, but not much too it.
So anyway, I just want to know if anyone out there has used ROMs out there that work welll that arent listed here, but still support the XT897 fully?