Default Snapchat front camera issue. To dark on candykat rom.

Well first off. I've tested a few roms. Cm11, AOSPA 4.4, AOKP, Slimrom, And now CandyKat. Now when I run AOSPA 4.4 The snapchat front and rear camera work fine. the lighting is perfect and all(a little laggy, but hey, still better than nothing! ). Anyways, while I love AOSPA's idea and almost everything about it. Something about CandyKat drew me in. It's feel and everything, just pushed me to it. So I guess my question is, Why is the camera on snapchat in AOSPA work a million times better, than the camera in CandyKat, and CM11 and well, AOSPA is the only rom i've found that works well with snapchat in terms of the front facing camera. Could anyone shed somelight on the problem and mabye a fix to try? I'd love you whole wheat bunches!