Default Didn't install Gapps, yet somehow have them?

So I was having lots of issues installing the latest unofficial cyanogenmod 4.4.4 to my Vibrant, due to the setup wizard force closing. I had made multiple attempts of installing various gapps prior, unsuccessfully, and restoring previous nandroids etc.

Anyways this last time, I installed only the rom, and no Gapps at all. I guarantee I had done a factory wipe, wiped the cache, and wiped the dalvik cache. Once I booted, and got through the setup wizard (which still gave problems, but made it through), to my surprise the play store was there, along with a could other gapps.

This is pretty much close to what I wanted, as I would prefer to have only the play store, and nothing else and then selectively install the others. but I'm just wondering how it happened? I was under the impression I should have no play store without gapps, and that I shouldn't have had any gapps after a fresh wipe and new rom install.